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This bourbon cocktail goes great with our Mini Tortilla Hummus Chicken.And there has never been a better time to drink them than now.Whiskey and lemonade maybe, but this combination, and this cocktail in particular, harkens back to the prohibition era and is as refreshing and flexible as they come.

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Its alcoholic strength depends upon the specific liquors used.The top 10 mixed drinks with the highest score, with the most pageviews and with the most votes.Whenever I ponder classic American cocktails, the Gin Rickey is always top of mind.

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Add Image Description The American Revolution is a cocktail that combines gin (the quintessential British liquor) with bourbon (the quintessential liquor of the USA).As immigrants from around the world settled in cities and towns across the country, they brought the culinary traditions that inform the way we drink today.

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It is a fascinating drink with a long and rich history and it was the first cocktail mentioned in the James Bond novels.One of the oldest American cocktails, the mint julep originated in Virginia and was popularized in Kentucky.

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And cocktail culture is flourishing with bartenders across America.

American Cocktail Club is a monthly subscription box by the American Juice Company that will bring you everything you need to make a new 5-stars cocktail in your home.

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NEW YORK -- So you have all of these bottles of vodka lying around.This cocktail caught my eye in Living Magazine just before Maralyn and I went to France earlier this year.Hot Stove Society welcomes Angela Buck-Hatter as instructor for this cocktail class.

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You know I love a tart beverage, and something with bubbles, so I decided to give the French 75 a little update, and an American twist.We traveled 34,462 miles and sipped 400 gin fizzes, Manhattans, and Gibsons with one goal--to.

Is there any flavor pairing more classic than ginger ale and whiskey.

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America has a long and storied history with spirits and cocktails.It seems like every other commercial on TV right now is from some fast food joint, extolling the virtue of supplying your Super Bowl party from their menu.But I can easily write a post mostly on some amazing non-alcoholic drinks, because they really give you a sense of the flavour of this part of the word.