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Our Krav Maga training at Fit and Fearless will equip you with the tools necessary to defend yourself against any real-world threat.

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The fastest possible way to improve your Krav Maga training is to come directly to Israel.


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Strengh training readies all participants for the class whilst building up the muscles.Our Krav Maga training curriculum has classes to fit every lifestyle and fitness level.

Combine Self-Defense And Total-Body Fitness In Our Krav Maga Classes.Women, Corporate, Education, Government, Public and Private classes are available in Richmond and Vancouver.This method is easy and effective combat created in the 30s by Imi Lichtenfeld.The classes are a great workout as well as teaching you to defend yourself in an increasingly uncertain world.Alpha Krav Maga is a type of self-defense combat that was originally created for the Israeli Defense Forces.Learn how to fight to protect yourself: street fighting techniques,.

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Join us today and train your entire body to be stronger, more powerful, and more efficient than ever.

Krav Maga BC was founded in 2003 by owner and Chief Instructor Troy Straith.Krav Maga is unique because of how effective and applicable it can be.This system focuses on reality-based situations and tactics, and combines techniques from aikido, boxing, judo and wrestling.Mary and Scott are not only supportive of your goals but give you excellent feedback to help you do your best during training.

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For beginners, Krav Maga P1 classes are the perfect class to take for your first class in Krav Maga.Classes. Welcome to Krav Maga Newcastle, as an Official Krav Maga Alliance school we offer Internationally Recognised training and gradings in Authentic Israeli Krav Maga.It is Designed to teach extremely effective self-defense in the shortest time possible.It was developed by Imi Lichtenfeld, and used to train the Israeli Military.

Krav Maga and STW - Simple and easy to learn battlefield proven self defense fighting classes.Over a period of a week or two of intensive training you will learn moves in a way that they will become instinctive to your body and easier to remember and apply.

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